Training & Testing

Carson Crane has instituted a program to satisfy the requirements for operator certification as outlined by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. This program will certify your operators with little inconvenience to the company or jobsite, as we drill & test on the weekend without any loss of production. Call for details.

At present, this is a voluntary program for operators, but general contractors, government contractors & insurance companies are now requiring operator certification on jobsite. Be prepared. 

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Training Services

The Cornerstone of Our Work

Carson Crane will inspect and certify (if warranted)
your mobile, crawler & overhead cranes & hoists.
We are also able to certify any hoist and/or lifting
equipment; this includes forklifts, manlifts as well
as all types of scissor or articulated lifts.

You will receive an inspection decal on each unit,
as well as a printed certification and inspection report
for your files. All reports follow ANSI/OSHA standards
for construction, commercial, industrial, and/or maritime
​ requirements.

We will certify load test requirements, which are required for maritime as well as testing after replacement of any load-bearing component. Again, this is documented for your files.