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About Carson Crane, Inc


Our Story

The owner, Ronnie Clifton was a crane operator for over 10 years. Mr. Clifton's expertise includes actual hands-on operating, inspection, repair, maintenance, and teaching others of the very units he accepts for certification. He is also a former crane operator. 

What We Do

In addition to mobile hydraulic and conventional boom cranes, the company will inspect and certify all types of overhead cranes, overhead hoists, jib and Chicago boom cranes. They will also inspect articulated boom and straight boom, commercial boom trucks.

Load tests are an important part of the company's duties, and they will furnish load test weights as required by their clients. They load test to accepted ANSI/OSHA standards and mandates.

An important area of expertise includes electric, gasoline and propane forklifts, and they will inspect and certify all types of telescopic boom and rough terrain forklifts as well. The company remains in touch with manufacturers for updates and changes.

Scissor-lift and all manlift equipment, including articulated models are part of the company's responsibilities as well.

Training and training documentation have become a very important part of the day-to-day responsibilities of all persons responsible for heavy equipment, and the company has the capabilities to provide for you this very necessary commodity.

Classes to document training for your operators are available, as well as refresher courses to add to your operator's training file as mandated by new OSHA requirements. Agendas are flexible, and the company will accomodate inexperienced as well as experienced operators in our training programs, although not necessarily within the same classes.

Most classes can be conducted at your site; all that is required is a meeting/conference room, and a suitable TV/VCR for presentations.

The company does prefer to do practical testing with your equipment, and students will be required to negotiate an obstacle test as part of the testing program. 

Our Values

Quality Training